How we (don’t) manage your money

We are a firm of Chartered Financial Planners, not a firm of investment managers. The clue is in the name you see!

In 2005 we realised that our clients most valued the relationships they had with us and our planning expertise. These are the things we are good at. We believe that it is impossible to be good at these things, while simultaneously managing the investments of our clients day-to-day. By this we mean deciding which asset classes and areas of the world to be invested in, or not, at any given time.

So we set out to find a partner to do this for us, and after a lengthy due diligence process, we hit upon Seven Investment Management. 7IM have a disciplined approach to managing our clients’ money. They take both a long-term strategic, and a short-term tactical view of the world. In this ever more volatile investing environment, both we and our clients appreciate being able to sleep at night, knowing 7IM are doing such a great job managing their money.

Latterly, we have identified other investment managers who offer a complimentary proposition and where necessary we will use these managers to diversify further.

Please be assured, we remain independent financial advisers, able to choose pensions, investments, ISAs, bonds, SIPPs and mortgages from the whole market. Within these wrappers, our primary investment manager is 7IM, an arrangement which has worked very well for our clients for the last few years.

To find out more about this partnership, please get in touch.

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