MyPLAN is our three-step financial planning process which all new clients follow. It is an holistic process that sees the arranging of a financial product such as an insurance policy or investment as the last step, rather than the main point of the exercise.

We believe that money should serve your lifestyle and should never be an end in itself. The MyPLAN process is designed to make sure that we are able to help you organise your financial lives around your goals and aspirations as well as your immediate needs.

There are three steps, and each has various component parts which enables us to tailor the process to suit your individual circumstances.

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This step consists of two meetings between you and your adviser. The first is a fact-finding session, where your adviser will take full details of your current financial position, as well as helping you to visualise and articulate your goals for the planning process. You will also be asked to answer some questions in your own time, and to send them on to us for processing.

Between the two meetings we will liaise with the providers of your existing investments, pensions and policies, and analyse them to see how they measure up against your stated goals.

Next we will research all the available options to help you realise your financial ambitions. We may produce a cashflow model to help project your finances into the future using some assumptions agreed between us. We can use these figures to model the impact that certain events, like going into care, will have on your financial future.

Finally, all this work will be written into a comprehensive report. At the second meeting, we will present this report to you, which will give you the opportunity to ask questions, and then to make the decision in your own time whether or not to proceed with our recommendations.

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When we have your agreement to do so, we will begin work on implementing our recommendations, completing all the paperwork with you and chasing the applications through to completion. We will keep you informed along the way, and summarise everything for you when it is complete

Every client and every case is different, so it is impossible to know the likely cost of a case until we have done the research in Step One, above. Rest assured however, you will know the precise cost of implementing our recommendations before you give us the authority to begin work.

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We believe that if we have put in place a financial plan for you, we should continue to review it with you:

    • to make sure that it stays on track to achieve what you intended
    • to make sure it stands up against changing legislation
    • to make sure that it reflects any changes in your circumstances

Usually this means meeting once per year, with an agenda called the 10-Point Financial Health Check. You can also specify a second, interim meeting if you wish.

Our review meetings are forward-looking and not retrospective – we will discuss your desired future and how well your financial plan is working towards meeting that future.

Please get in touch to arrange our first meeting which is at our expense and without any obligation on you to proceed with the MyPLAN process.

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