…is the multi-asset investment platform from Jacksons Wealth. PLATFORM is a cutting edge solution to the problem of having many different investments and pensions with many providers, with all the ensuing paperwork associated with a lifetime of wealth accumulation.

What Is A Wrap Platform?

A wrap platform is a software system, hosted on the internet, which consolidates a wide range of investments into a single electronic administration and reporting structure. Importantly, all charges for the administration of the wrap must be transparent and explicit.

Personal Pensions, SIPPs, ISAs, OEICs Investment Bonds and even direct share holdings are placed into the wrap and can be seen on one screen. In many cases, the investments themselves are held by a custodian, which is usually the wrap provider.

Do you use only one wrap?

No. Where it is in our client’s best interest we will source a different wrap platform to consolidate their finances. We currently use Nucleus and Elevate wraps, but our primary wrap is our own-branded PLATFORM, with technology provided by Seven Investment Management.

Who could benefit from a wrap?

Anyone can benefit from a wrap, but the ease of administration a wrap provides does come at the price of slightly higher annual management charges. PLATFORM is therefore ideally suited for those with larger portfolios of (say) £50,000 and above.

As each client has different needs your Jacksons adviser will be able to advise you as to whether or not our PLATFORM is right for your particular circumstances.

What are the benefits of a wrap?

A Wrap allows clients to access a much wider range of permitted investments than would be available to most retail investors. These including direct equities, fixed interest, collective investments, alternative and financial instruments, property investments and cash.

The Wrap provider is able to secure dealing and fund discounts with the net result that clients could benefit from lower investment charges. Clients will also benefit from:

  • A single point of contact and consolidated reporting of all assets via the Wrap
  • Access to investment funds on preferential terms – purchases of investments are made in bulk and benefit from ease of administration and possibly economies of scale
  • A service that places tax management and investment services in one consolidated structure, rather than a disjointed approach
  • On-line access to portfolio valuations and transactions

Moving assets on to a wrap

Wraps are an evolving technology and at the moment it may not be possible to move all investment or products in to a Wrap. However it should be possible to consolidate a large part of a client’s overall portfolio in a Wrap and this involves a defined process to ensure that clients benefit from the maximum potential.

We will involve clients in every step of the process as follows:

  • Re-examine all short and long term investment goals and objectives
  • Determine and qualify attitude to investment risk
  • Balance goals and objectives against attitude to investment risk
  • Set out and agree clear financial planning objectives – this forms the basis of investment portfolio construction
  • Review and identify which investments should be consolidated in the Wrap in the most cost efficient way
  • Recommend the most suitable investment option to meet all of the above
  • Review the investments against goals and objectives on a regular basis

Remember, a wrap is not a product you can buy, it is a system that allows our clients to consolidate a lot of the paperwork that comes with having a large portfolio. Moving your assets on to PLATFORM, may form one part of our overall financial planning process, which we call MyPLAN.

Here is a downloadable brochure for PLATFORM. It is quite a large file at 1.9MB, so please be patient:

Existing clients: Login to your PLATFORM account here

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